This is what I've been doing this morning (amoungst other slightly less interesting things mind) It's another attempt at embroidering onto my knitting but I decided to go all beads and sequins this time! I think it looks much better! I quite like it being in the one section as well - means I can play around more with the shapes I want to achieve in the knit itself then splashes of detailing, can play around with where it will be situated on the planes.

I'm going into university now for a group seminar + I'm very excited as I'm putting in a plane design to be done on the laser cutter so it's fingers crossed
a) the wood I'm using doesn't set fire/let off nasty fumes when it's in the machine
b) that my illustrator file is actually right (bit of a new venture for me!)

I'm going to an antiques market this weekend as matts parents are coming down to visit us! I adore looking at curved mirrors whenever I go, so I might purchase one.

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