War and Science

Today I went to see 'War and Science' at the Wellcome Collection. I was really excited and really pleased afterwards. I found out about this exhibition when this lovely lady posted about it! (her blog is fun! check it out!) There was so much interesting, thought provoking stuff in there. Also I got to see Paddy Hartley's work in the flesh, it makes such a difference, all the details and the narrative of the pieces just don't come out in the photographs of the work for me, I really enjoyed that experience. You weren't allowed to take photographs the gallery assistant informed my dad (who wasn't taking any photos rather uncharacteristically) but I managed to take quite a few

Poison for soldiers to take from WWII

Civillian first aid kit

Paddy Hartleys work

A condom for german soldiers (it says "only for use by the German armed forces. Destroy after use")

24 hour ration kit

Casualty Label

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