happy new year!
I'm not really sure what happened with regards to updating over the Christmas break! I was quite busy with work and with seeing family and friends! Also my work was divided between my creative practice and my written work. Next week I have to submit a research paper and marketing paper! Above is what my bed currently looks like! (it was much worse before it was all filed away!) I'm trying to sort my supporting folders in to so kind of logical order! This semester I've just been collecting images, articles etc but not actually organising them! For me it's quite a fun process, reflecting over the different things I've picked up over the last few months.

Next week I'll be sorting my creative work/continuing my work as this week I took a break to concentrate on the papers. I'm quite excited + should also have alot more pictures of my work and other interesting things to post! For next semester I'm considering a form of a 365 day project but not for that length, just for the length of semester two and then if I'm enjoying it, semester three too. I want to do drawing defiantly and I'm considering photographs too! Well it's something I'm thinking about anyway! I've done lots of drawing this semester but it's been really focused on planes and things, I want to draw still but allow myself to draw whatever I want to on that day! I think it'll make a more exciting reference for my textile work than what I have been doing!
p.s I found this interesting this week!

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