my studio

I thought I'd write a little more about my studio space for this year as yesterday I spent my first proper day working out there without any distractions! It's in a historic house which is rather exciting called, corsham court. The only downside too it is that it takes forever to get to and doesn't have many facilities! So I'm using it one day a week at the moment and spend my other days at university using machines and things, although I think next semester I'll be using it alot more! This is what it's like from the outside
This is one of the corridors I walk down to get to my studio

The top of a staircase I walk past, theres mounted skulls on the far wall!

A very old fashioned toliet in the ladies.. I'm not sure we're meant to use it mind.

The view from my studio

The actual studio! The space is really big, and currently only 4 of us have permanent space there, although theres 6 part time people who can come and use it

The library is a few rooms away from the studio! It's huge! and I was excited that there's a ladder to use so we can reach all the books!

I was knitting and drawing yesterday, I had a really inspiring workshop in which I learnt about attaching fabrics to knit with crochet and various other things so I'm playing around with that at the moment as I want to try and incorporate lace into my work now

A slightly sicken colour combination but, a piece I made in the workshop with my multi-coloured yarns! I was using up the last bits of various yarns from other things

I'm starting to get to grips with how much work I need to be getting on with now and also what I want to do! Today has been so far productive so I just need to keep it up! Also quickly, me and camilla have a show in May and I'm doing some new work for another kleine fabrik show in January! More about both soon!


Camilla said...

Please may I come and visit? It looks amazing! Also that knitted piece reminds me of my shipping forecast piece I made a few years ago- I think we need to get our heads together and work on ways of knitting a collaboration together for our show.

claire-elizabeth said...

you must come and visit! it is really amazing! although it does take a little while to get there!
Eee! we should! I read this comment the other day and have been thinking about it. I like the idea of rescued tea pots! collecting second hand ones and us knitting cosies for them (from wool from old jumpers etc!) and suspending them from the ceiling somehow!

Camilla said...

I tagged you:

and also- did you know I used to collect teapots?! I have about 20 in my house, many of which i'm not too precious about. You might have to help me with the knitting as I'm not good at doing anything other than scarves really!

claire-elizabeth said...

omg! that is too perfect that you used to collect them.
+ yay! im excited