I finished this piece this week. I like how shiny it is. On a more meaningful note, I like what it represents to the person I made it for. I didn't like how long it seemed to take me to do it. I'm not feeling as creative as normal, I seem to think about doing things more than I actually do them. I keep putting this down to time, and my lack of it to do things. I've just had two extra days off work which have been nice, and I guess I've done alot more in them than normal, so maybe it is time. I don't know!
I purchased this book at the weekend! 'Paper Pilot' I am most excited about the punch out DIY projects. I'm convinced I can use these as a starting point for making my own planes in fabric. I think it will have to be my after work project for the summer! I also got some brooch pins so I'm finally putting together the brooches I've been meaning to make for ages!


Cassandra said...

This is my new favourite!

The Cog said...

...total adoration. We are saving our pennies inorder to purchase one of your amazing works in the near future. We hope to hang it on our "inspiration wall" in our little studio.