work in progress

I forgot that a few weeks ago I went to the RAF museum! I took lots of pictures with matthews camera and have finally uploaded them! There was SO many planes in each room it was exciting and gave me lots of little random ideas. It's weird, I have trouble like outputting all my ideas if that makes sense and I tend to write things all over the place, rather than in one place, and so I forget things. I'm currently working on trying to make a knitted aeroplane. If it works I'm gonna make a few, I don't know why I just didn't feel like sewing (which is very unusual) well. I think maybe it's that I just felt like trying something else. I painted some canvases with a 'base' colour so they're sitting in my room ready to be worked on. Also in the pictures in below like 'painted lady's' on planes, I get like weird ideas (painted lady's: tended to be pictures of the wives of the pilot apparently. Which I thought was funny as they are quite slutty) But I like the idea of making cross-stitch pieces of all the little bits you find on planes, the images, the text, the symbols. Yeah so random things I have to try and remember and perhaps peruse. In other news. I'm going to be featured on heartlab on hearthandmade which is exciting! I had so much fun answering stuff and was really chuffed to have been asked. I also did a studio space thing for poppytalk which was also fun, so if you want to read my rambles they should be there!

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